Types of slides

Tube slides

The most popular type of slide worldwide, still hides a secret of quality. Good tunnel slide is judged by its slope, curve diameter and distance betwen welds. Tunnel slides are often featured with windows, LED lights and other gaming sensors. The outer surface doesn't remain insignificant - steel slides are a decorative construction, therefore is eagerly painted in juicy colours.


Launcher slides

This slide type is for the brave onces. Would you dare to slide and then fly to finally land on an airbag or in an pool? There are plenty of kids, teenagers and adults, who would! This slide is undoubtedly the magent in sport and touristic spots, such as jumping halls, seasonal recreation parks, and events.

SQ Launcher slide OG

Evacuation slides

Mostly wanted by schools and kindergartens, due to a few indisputable advantages, such as the fastest, the simplest and the most organized transfer to the meeting place. Evacuation or so called escape slides can be installed along the evacuation staircase or directly from the main room's window or balcony. Since building in fire is an extraordinary event, the slide can be used for play on daily basis.

SQ_evacuation slide_OG

Water slides

Water steel slides compete with GRP slides and in such comparison offer smoother sliding experience and durability for decades - compared to GRP slides which loose colour from UV light. Don't worry to get burn, the water cools down the surface even when exposed to strong sunlight.

SQ_Water slide_OG

Hill slides

Sliding on the hills is not a novelty. For decades already, once the snow covers the nearest curved terrain, kids would run there with sledges. Stainless steel slides expend this traditional play to all seasons and to people of all ages. There are super long slides on the hills used by tourists, and short straight hill slides in parks. The hill must have a minimum slope to bring the sliding joy.


Multilane slides

Multiline slides are chosen for those projects, where family or friends gather, to offer them either a competitive play or safe and controlled sliding experience. Multilines look steep and scary from the distance or from the starting platform, but once you try, you won't get bored soon. This type of slide likes to start high.

multilane slide

Half tube slides / half round slides

Half-tube slide is the oldest type of slide. Its main advantage is the full visibility, sliding in sitted position and lighter construction. To disadvantages we could the risk of getting hot, when exposed to strong sunlight, the normative requirement of more safety space around the whole construction, and finally the dirt that stays on the whole length of an outdoor slide.

SQ Halfpipe OG

Your design

It can happen that your desired type of slide is not listed here. If it's a tube slide or a halfpipe slide make no difference to you, or simply you have no clue which option should you choose, but you know exactly what is the purpose of buying a steel slide. Luckly, the stainless steel slides that we make are tailored to the space and the users, so all you need to do is to contact us directly for a customized steel slide design.

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