FAQ - frequently asked questions


Can I make the stop inside the slide?

Yes, but it is very difficult to do so and it takes a few good meters of braking. Firstly, braking requires courage. Secondly, you have to dare to use your hands and shoes, which is quite uncomfortable during the slide. If you feel uncomfortable and would like to descend slower, it is safest to go down lying on your back, it usually takes a few seconds.

How do I prevent burns on a steel slide?

A steel slide on a slope or on a playground should be under as little sunlight as possible. It can be placed near a tree that will cast a natural shade, or covered with a fabric frame. The last and cheapest option is to use a pipe section slide instead of an open gutter.

Why metal and not plastic slides?

Stainless steel, compared to plastic, has a longer service life. It is more resistant to mechanical damage, does not lose color from UV radiation, does not electrify the hair. By selecting the appropriate sheet thickness, we guarantee the stiffness of the structure, which translates into the comfort of use.

Is it allowed to slide down in groups?

Slides in pairs or in a group pose a risk of collision in the end element (in the so-called brake tub). Especially people separate during the descent and create distance between them. Group sliding slows down the slide, which is not attractive. In addition, the diameter of the steel slide is typically about 80 cm which is a space that forces a lying or sitting position. In such a space, a group reunion, even if people hold on tight, is simply uncomfortable. The only places for group sliding are water slides intended for pontoons; with a pipe diameter of at least 140 cm.

Can the steel slide be recycled?

The stainless steel used in the production of the slide can be processed and reused in the manufacturing process. Fun fact: Steel structures are much more environmentally friendly than, for example, reinforced concrete or plastic structures. The stainless steel used in the production of the slide can be recycled as long as the slide has not been powder coated. Slides with traces of other materials, such as polycarbonate, paints, glues – must be cleaned before being taken to the processing plant. Meanwhile, the recovery of reinforced concrete from the structure is only 10% of the material used. Recycled plastic can only be used as an admixture in the production of new plastic.

About our offer

Where do we produce slides?

All our departments are located at one address, in Bytom. We use local suppliers of raw materials, thanks to which we maintain a low cost of local logistics and support wholesalers from Bytom and the entire Silesia Metropolis.

Do we produce entire playgrounds?

We do not deal with the production of playground structures. The companies producing playgrounds are our business partners. Occasionally we combine a slide with an additional attraction, but these are unique ideas for individual customers.

Do we ship our slides all over he world?

Yes, we have references from the countries of European Union , Middle East and Asia. Intra-community delivery, neither road nor sea export is unfamiliar to us.

Do we produce water slides

Stainless steel water slides are a solution that will soon appear on the Polish market. We have experience in the swimming pool industry, so we know which steel grade is best suited for such a production. European standards for water slides production are very restrictive, but we have all the necessary resources for their production.


What information is needed to price the slide?

For the initial valuation of the slide, the difference in height between the take-off and landing points is needed. For a detailed offer, we encourage you to complete our form with key questions regarding the assessment of the slope of the slideslip, place of installation, selection of additional safety accessories or the option of choosing the color of the surface.

How much does the steel slide cost?

The cost of a slide consists of many variables, i.e. design scope, type of material, type of finish, additional accessories, transport service, assembly service, extended warranty. Valuations range from PLN 3,000 to PLN 15,000 net per linear meter of slideslip.

How long is the waiting time for the slide?

The minimum delivery time of simple slides is 3-4 weeks. The most complex projects lasted up to 8 months.

Our budget is limited, are there other ways to finance the purchase of the slide?

Various financial instruments are available on the market. Our offer always includes payment for the completed stages. We’ll get along!

What is the optimal slope of the slide?

The minimum slope for the slide is 26 degrees. Average is 30 degrees, maximum – 40 degrees. The choice of the degree of slope depends on: users, its course and length. Our proprietary sotware helps us to choose the best degree for both fun and safety.


How to prapare the surface where the slide will be installed?

The slide is usually placed on an unfinished floor in a building or on foundations sunk into the ground; guidelines for the preparation of the substrate are issued individually for each project. Finishing of the surface (ground or shock-absorbing surface) is often the responsibility of the customer.

What kind of the surface should be applied at the exit of the slide?

The surface in the collision zone (free zone around the exit from the slide) should meet the requirements of PN-EN 1176-1 with regard to the free fall height. The specification is issued in the technical documentation as an industry guideline.

At what stage of construction should the slide be installed?

The slide, especially the powder-coated one, is a decorative element of interior design, so it is safe to install it after all heavy works and any additional installation works are finished. However, the slides are anchored to the raw concrete, therefore the floors, walls and railings must remain unfinished. We discuss each project individually and set a work schedule, taking into account parallel works on the construction site.

How long does it take to assemble the slide?

The assembly of the slide depends on its length, i.e. the number of segments and the number of anchors. Oura assemblies to date took from 1 to 40 days. The more complex the structure and architectural barriers, the longer the process. We have experienced installers and supervisors who are skilled in quickly solving unexpected obstacles, which translates


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the free repair of product defects that may have appeared during the use of the slide, i.e. construction defects, design defects endangering the safety of users sliding down in accordance with the regulations. The condition for accepting the warranty is to use the slide in accordance with the operating guidelines provided.

What is not covered under the warranty?

To answer briefly: mechanical defects and defects that result from use contrary to the instructions and in a situation where we diagnose that the slide has not been properly washed and cleaned, or your own repair attempts were made during the warranty period.

Are our slides certified?

Material approvals and manufacturer’s declarations of conformity are attached to each slide. A certificate of compliance with the standard issued by an independent body is issued on request. Repeatedly shaped slides used in playgrounds are one-time certified by the manufacturer and therefore have their catalog number. Custom-made slides require certification at the design stage and after assembly each time.