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The LivinnX Cracow student house is a dream place for students, due to the decor and the multitude of attractions.

The LivinnX Cracow student house is a dream place for students, due to the decor and the multitude of attractions.

Thanks to it’s unique design LivinnX students house gives students' life a new dimension. A slide, a climbing wall and a hanging net are only three of the dozens of routes that you can freely use.

From the relaxation zone on level 0 you can slide down to the learning and sports zone on level -1. You can observe the outside world from the suspended mesh.

The slide also served as a gateway to the opening party for students and still holds good as a final point of night outs.

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Cukrownia Żnin Hotel is the second hotel in Poland to have a slide, but it will not fall off the podium for a long time in terms of its length ...

This project should be described briefly: it is unique all round.

A 26-meter slide was built in the hotel lobby, allowing visitors to descend in a few seconds from the 4th floor to the ground floor, straight to the hotel restaurant.

Both adults and children use it; ladies in high heels and men in shirts as well.

Its image fits the post-industrial design of the hotel interior, so it does not give the impression of ” a toy for children only”.

The most difficult phase of the entire implementation here was the assembly, the challenge of which was to overcome several architectural barriers such as structural beams, handrails and columns.

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Vizja Park in Warsaw is the first and only school in Poland where slides are an alternative to stairs and lifts.

There are 4 of them in different colors, each equipped with its own OSOM GO traffic light system and OSOM WINDOW illuminating windows. Nevertheless we know that the slides are not used only by students …

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Wieża widokowa Słotwiny Arena, to pierwsza w Polsce wieża typu "spacer w koronach drzew" ze zjeżdżalnią o przeplatającym konstrukcję przebiegu...

Słotwiny Arena to obiekt z grupy Pingwina (Skolnity, Czarny Groń i wiele innych resortów sportowych), których cechą rozpoznawczą jest odwaga i adrenalina.

Taka jest właśnie wieża widokowa w Krynicy Zdrój, z której to raptem połowy wysokości można zjechać zjeżdżalnią.

Brzmi niezbyt wyjątkowo? 

Dodajmy zatem, że jest to najdłuższa zjeżdżalnia outdoor’owa w Polsce. Jedyna o tak przeplecionym przebiegu. Postawiona na konstrukcji z drzewa akacji.

Zjazdu tą 60-metrową zjeżdżalnią nie da się opisać. Trzeba wziąć matę w łapkę i spróbować.

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One could say the Cracow All in Games office looks modest from the outside, but don't let this misslead you. At the entrance, just in front of the reception desk, there is a red slide ...

The All in Games office in Cracow has many modern touches and comfortable furniture, but the red slide crossing the main hall is the star of the entire show.

The suspended structure gives the effect of lightness and leaves the entrance area open to people.

The slide is used by employees on the 1st floor, who thanks to it can reach the meeting rooms zone the fastest way possible.

The OSOM VIEW window illuminates the interior and satisfies the curiosity of those who approach everything with a distance

The Techland office building in Wrocław is the first in Poland to implement a steel slide leading to the company's canteen.

Inspired by slides in office buildings in Western Europe, the architect and the Investor invited us to work on a slide with a bit rare shape of a straight gutter. The slide, painted in red introduces a strong accent to the building’s entrance. For the employees on the 1st floor, this is the shortest way to the canteen. Two seconds for a slide and ten seconds for a run from the same starting point. You guess who will be the first in a line for lunch.

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