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You are on the website of the manufacturer of stainless steel slides. Here you will find a bit more than examples of a playground slide.
Steel slides are modern elements of interior design – for a hotel, office, sports hall or other public facility. You will see here which facilities already use metal slides for children or adults.
Many ideas are in the process of designing and waiting to be implemented.

Can we help you with the implementation of yours?

Selected projects

Cukrownia Żnin Hotel is the second hotel in Poland to have a slide, but it will not fall off the podium for a long time in terms of its length … This project should be described briefly: it is unique all round. A 26-meter slide was built in the hotel lobby, allowing visitors to descend in a few seconds from the 4th floor to the ground floor, straight to the hotel restaurant. Both adults and children use it; ladies in high heels and men in shirts as well.



Centrum boulderingowe Murall w Warszawie jako pierwsze w Polsce zastosowało połączenie funkcji wspinaczkowych i zjazdowych pod jednym dachem.

Najczęściej zjeżdżają z niej dzieci, jednak trajektoria ślizgu pozwala na swobodny zjazd również dorosłym.

Zjeżdżalnia startuje z wysokości 3,5 metra i ma prawie 9 metrów długości.

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