We are OSOM GROUP - stainless steel slides manufacturer and designer


First of all we check the architectural plans and the measure the available space. Then we present the best fit.


Simplicity and design - those contradicions, when merged, result in funcional yet beautiful product.

Bending, welding, passivation and outer satining is a very precise handwork, this is where 80% of the quality comes from.

While packing we focus on maximum packing volumne and safety during the long road by using appropriate packing materials.

There are two methods of installation: with or without ropes. Assembly with ropes goes faster, but requires skilled workers.

Our post-warranty means that we will always stay to your disposal. Ask us any question that may arise while using the slide.

Our key values


We follow the EN 1176-3:2017; EN1069-1-2019, and many more, to make you feel cared for. These norms are just a top of an iceberg – we pay attention to details which are not mentioned in any norm.



This feature makes us different from all others. For us it means easy entry, easy exit and smooth sliding in between. Comfortable sliding means also accessible, where limits are replaced with possibilities.


The most popular type of slide worldwide, still holds a secret of quality. Good tunnel slide is judged by its slope, curve diameter and distance betwen welds.

This slide type is for the brave onces. Would you dare to slide and then fly to finally land on an airbag or in an pool?

Water steel slides compete with GRP slides and in such comparison offer smoother sliding experience and durability for decades - compared to GRP slides which loose colour from UV light.

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Can I make the stop inside the slide?

Slides in pairs or in a group pose a risk of collision in the end element (in the so-called brake tub). Especially people separate during the descent and create distance between them. Group sliding slows down the slide, which is not attractive. In addition, the diameter of the steel slide is typically about 80 cm which is a space that forces a lying or sitting position. In such a space, a group reunion, even if people hold on tight, is simply uncomfortable. The only places for group sliding are water slides intended for pontoons; with a pipe diameter of at least 140 cm.

Where do we produce slides?

All our departments are located at one address, in Bytom. We use local suppliers of raw materials, thanks to which we maintain a low cost of local logistics and support wholesalers from Bytom and the entire Silesia Metropolis.

Do we produce entire playgrounds?

We do not deal with the production of playground structures. The companies producing playgrounds are our business partners. Occasionally we combine a slide with an additional attraction, but these are unique ideas for individual customers.

Slides are one of the most desired playground attractions worldwide. Why do people like sliding so much? The popularity of slides in offices, hotels or shopping malls shows that st

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