Slide solutions


Traffic light safety system prevents users from colliding in the slide. Thanks to array of sensors. Highly recommended for slides where the exit isn't clearly visible from the starting platform. For longer slides we recommend to add a timer/result screen to add more gamification.


Easy entrance to a steel slide adapted for tall people or people with limited mobility - that's what OSOM ENTRY is. The first of that kind solution for adults using the slides in offices, hotels or shopping centers. Standard entrance to the slide requires squatting or sitting on the ground in order to put the legs inside, which requires mobility and flexible clothing. Thanks to OSOM ENTRY, you get on the slide like in a car, only more conveniently.


Panoramic windows made of polycarbonate plates are often used indoors. Wide angle view allows both the user and the outside watcher to see the surroundings for a few seconds.


Small and circular window is used to create a spot of light. Often used on long outdoor sliders with curves, to get some light inside, where panoramic windows would get dirty and shade the visibility in a short time.


Painting the outer surface of the slide is often used by archtects to compose the slide in the interior design. Painting is also part of theming, which can hide the slide in the structure. Made in two steps: sandblasting and powder coating.


Sliding mats are made of a mix of polyester and cotton. Highly recommended for long slides, because they standarize the sliding speed. There are two types of mats: legs-covering long mats and free-legs short mats.

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