Consulting and concept design

First of all we check the architectural plans and the measure the available space. Then we present the best fit. This stage ends up with offer's negotiation and order placement. For architects, we offer tender documentation as an paid scope.


Construction design

Simplicity and design - those contradicions, when merged, result in funcional yet beautiful product. So are our slides. We focus on ergonomy and symethry, because we know that slides are the main, eye-catching structure.


Production and trial assembly

Bending, welding, passivation and outer satining is a very precise handwork, and alike in other craftmanships, this is where 80% of the quality comes from. This stage finishes one the segments are packed for transport.


Packing and shipping

We know how to organize deliveries by trucks or marine containers, within and outside of the EU. While packing we focus on maximum packing volumne and safety during the long road by using appropriate packing materials.


Installation and hand-over

There are two methods of installation: with or without ropes. Assembly with ropes goes faster, but requires skilled workers. Assembly without ropes requires mini crane and basket lift rental and simply takes longer.


Post-warranty support

Post-warranty means that we will always stay to your disposal. Feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise while using the slide. Check our FAQ section, because you may find your answer there.



Where do we produce slides?

All our departments are located at one address, in Bytom. We use local suppliers of raw materials, thanks to which we maintain a low cost of local logistics and support wholesalers from Bytom and the entire Silesia Metropolis.

Do we ship our slides all over the world?

Yes, we have references from the countries of European Union , Middle East and Asia. Intra-community delivery, neither road nor sea export is unfamiliar to us.

How much the steel slide costs?

The cost of a slide consists of many variables, i.e. design scope, type of material, type of finish, additional accessories, transport service, assembly service, extended warranty. Valuations range from PLN 3,000 to PLN 15,000 net per linear meter of slideslip.