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zjezdzalnia stalowa tubowa

OSOM Group

Our team consists of people who like what they do. Each one of us is a specialist in ones field such as: design, production, assembly and project management. We love to work at bold, unique and challenging projects.


The motto above is the one we belive in. It reminds us that the steel slides we deliver are design to fulfill a specific task: to create an atmosphere of joy with comfort and safety.

To achieve this, we care not only for the delightful visual effect of the slide, or for its spatial composition, but most of all for the details, like gentle arches, comfortable handrails, well-thought-out details that do not endanger the fun.

While working with architects, general contractors and investors, we provide them with all necessary knowledge for comprehensive investment implementation.

In the production process of a slide, we focus on aesthetics as we belive welding is a craft. Even people who will not be using the steel slide, will certainly look at it with admiration.

maty filcowe do zjeżdżalni

Our Team

OSOM Group Team constitutes visionaries, engineers, qualified welders, innovative managers and agile fitters.

Bartłomiej Zięcina

Production manager. He translates dreams into reality, drawings into products, and plans into action. His domain is planning processes that result in innovative products.
Visionary by nature.

Marek Breguła

MSc in management and production engineering. Production and assembly manager. He is the guarantor of the correct operation of processes. His domain is order which results in credibility. 

Weronika Xięska

MSc in construction. Her role is to design the slides from concept to delivery of complete technical documentation. She takes care of verifying ideas by architects, investors and contractors with a view to the safety of the future end-user.

Dominika Mazur

Project & Team Manager. Her mission is to provide users with products they imagine. She mediates between clients, architects, production line and other industries. She appreciates a clear message. An activist by nature.

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